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These beautiful people are now parents!  They are absolutely glowing with joy over the arrival of their little man Brecken. He is such a charming little fella!  I can not get over his perfect little skin, and those chubby little cheeks and that wonderful head of hair!  

Preschools and Patience

I have been photographing preschools for MANY years now.  They are actually one of my most favorite events to photograph.  Children in general {whether a family session or preschool} produce a wide array of emotions. Many children can give you 10 different emotions in 5 minute’s time…Sweet Girl here has been at this same Mother’s […]

18 months for little Connor

This curly top fella is pure joy.  Simply said. His all-boy nature and curiosity kept his mama and I laughing the whole time! He decided to take a quick break to dig in Mom’s purse only to produce her powder and brush. Connor proceeded to use the “brush” in her hair, his hair, and then […]

Phillip & Cody

  Phillip and Cody had a perfect July wedding! The wedding and reception venues were perfect and the whole day ran pretty smoothly. The most important thing is: These two are now married! Congratulations. Blessings on your marriage and new life together.

Connor is 1!

I love it when little ones come to see me their first year! Sweet Connor and I had 5 playdates before he turned one. Newborn, 6 month, 9 month, 12 month and another one in the middle for a quick mini session with some pumpkins. This smart little guy is happy and full of energy! […]

Pinhole Photography Class

Press Release: Class dates have been set for Elise Breeding’s pinhole camera photography class. “It’s something I’ve done with neices and nephews, and the uniqueness of these cameras just fascinates me!”, Elise says. “I want to share that with kids and families in the area and hopefully make this an annual event.”A Pinhole Camera is […]

Why add more?

I have been asked several times on recent sessions “Why do you need a flash? It’s so bright outside {sunny} today.” Well, simply put, my job, by definition, requires the best light to capture the best image. And sometimes to have the “best light” you have to create it. The image on the left is […]

Madi~ Senior 2015

This great girl was my senior representative for Piedmont High School this past year. She did a great job telling the local students about me.  I just moved to the area, so it was nice to immediately have an advocate in the community. Isn’t she gorgeous?  She’s off to college in the fall, and has […]

And Baby makes 5

This new sweet family of 5 has been blessed with a baby boy! They are beyond excited to have 3 healthy children, and after 2 spunky little girls, sweet content little Judson is the perfect addition to this growing family. His biggest sister is just in awe of her new little brother, and she is […]